Can TV Hosts Make Millions?

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TV Hosts Make Millions


TV Hosts Make Millions? Yes they still do…

As I talk to more  and more TV hosts all over the country, they seem to be very pessimistic about the state of the industry. Everyone from local network affiliates to production companies don’t seem to be paying what they once were willing to for good on-camera talent. The truth is, on some levels this trend is very true. Some have asked me a very simple and direct question; Can TV hosts make millions?

These TV Hosts Make Millions

  • Ryan Seacrest – $15 Million per year for American Idol
  • Drew Carey – $7 Million Per year for The Price Is Right
  • Jeff Probst – $200,000 per episode for Survivor
  • Steve Harvey – $20,000 per episode for Family Feud
  • Tom Bergeron – $21,000 per episode for Dancing With The Stars

Two years ago, Regis Philbin decided to quit his morning show, “Live with Regis and Kelly,” when the network insisted that he take a pay cut from his reported $18 million salary.

A year before the end of Katie Couric’s big money deal with CBS to anchor the evening news, she was told she should expect a much smaller pay check next time around. Even after jumping to ABC last year as a daytime talk show host, her salary had fallen from $15 million a year to less than $10 million.

Now, just recently Hollywood agents have been unhappy about what they considered a low-ball salary for the game show “Who Wants To Be Millionaire,” as ABC looks to replace former host Meredith Vieira and her estimated $9 million a year salary when she quit the show after 11 years.

According to one source, the new host, who is yet to be determined, will still be paid a handsome $1.5 million a year salary. If you’re not a good at math, let me put that in perspective for you.

That’s $28,850 per week


$721 per hour if you worked a standard 40 hour week!

I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t be complaining if that we’re my salary to do what I already love to do.

TV Hosts Make Millions: What This Means Moving Forward

As you can tell from the numbers above, there is still PLENTY of money out there to be made. Yes, TV Hosts make millions and in addition there is a large list that also make 1/2 Million and above.

So don’t be discouraged and think you still can’t create the life of your dreams pursuing this business. Remember there are two traits that will never fail in this business. They are:

  • Persistence
  • Tenacity

If you practice both of these and continue to make strides in improving yourself and your abilities, it will only be a matter of time until you might be looking down the barrel of one of these 7-figure network deals. When TV hosts make millions, we all win!

I would love to know what your biggest challenge as a TV Host is right now? Please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my TV Hosts blog!



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