5 Tips To Deal with Your Critics

Tim Tialdo September 22, 2012 0


We are all victims of it and no matter who you are criticism will at some point creep into your life. Unfortunately, it’s become a big part of our social society. Just watch American Idol or the X-Factor. The most popular judges like Simon Cowell are usually the ones that deliver the harshest words to contestants.

We all will have a job in our life and along with that job comes a certain expected level of performance from your employer. And if you don’t meet their expectation, they will certainly tell you about it and it doesn’t always come across with sugar on top.

Case in point, I was hired to be a feature reporter/host for a lifestyle show a few years back and the management didn’t really have set plan for what they wanted, they just trusted in my ability to perform. Well, we apparently had 2 different ideas when it came to what we thought the audience wanted to see and their criticism of me was pretty harsh. I was pulled into an office and told “we don’t think you have what it takes to be a host, so you’ll just be reporting and we’ll put a producer with you.”

It was a real shot in the face and at first it stirred up some pretty strong feelings. To this day those words still sting, but I learned very quickly after that incident 5 tips to deal with critics that have benefited me to this day.

  1. Criticism can help us get better – In this case, even though I felt it was completely unwarranted and without merit, those words drove a fire into me that helped me go on to start my own show and win 2 Emmys (beating out the former employer who criticized me!
  2. Welcome Criticism – Often, we only value praise. When people speak kind words we feel good about ourselves. When people criticize we feel terrible. But think about it, if we only received sincere praise and flattery, how would we ever get better? If you want to improve and develop, welcome constructive criticism into your life.
  3. Don’t take it personally – There may be people out there who find fault with something that you’re doing or not doing, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are criticizing us. There are many individuals who find fault with others because they themselves are insecure and find that the only way to feel better about themselves is to bring others down. Let them wallow in their own shame and don’t give energy to their negative attitude.
  4. Don’t Respond Immediately – When someone delivers those harsh hurtful words, wait a while before responding. If you respond with anger or injured pride you will likely regret it. If you are patient and let the feelings settle it will enable you to respond in a calmer way.
  5. Smile – Even a false smile, can help calm you down. Smiling gives off a positive aura and cools the situation. It also helps psychologically. Smiling will motivate the other person to change their approach.

If you are dealing with some tough criticism right now, try these tips out and see how it helps your situation. It may not calm down immediately, but you’ll find that if you keep calm and let the words light a fire of motivation instead of your temper, you’ll benefit from it much more in the long run.

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