Conquering Your Mountains

Tim Tialdo August 28, 2012 0
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Are there times when it almost seems like you are finally going to reach your goal, but then something shows up in the way and puts it out of reach once again or makes you feel that you are never going to get it? I can recall one of those moments in my life. Just a few years ago, I created a TV show concept that took nearly 18 months to bring to the pilot stage.  A production company picked up the idea and we had agreements in place to shoot the pilot with a major agency and an NFL team. At the last  moment, just 2 days before our scheduled shoot, they cancelled the deal saying they wanted to hold off.

It was a gut wrenching experience because I had spent every last dime I had to get there and was at a crossroads where I couldn’t go any further, at least temporarily.

The truth is you are never closer to your dreams than when you are facing a big obstacle that threatens to push you further away than ever before. The reason why that obstacle shows up is because you are just about to grasp what you really want at last.

Just when you thought the path finally opened up for you, just when you thought you’re finally getting your breakthrough, you hit another speed bump that disappoints you once again. This disappointment stems from the fact that the results you got are far less than what you expected. Sometimes things might even appear worse than before. It can get you stressed out and frustrated because you don’t know what else to do to make it work.

The reason these obstacles or mountains appear in our lives is to allow you to experience the eventual success even more. You can’t feel the joy of overcoming adversity if you never have any. The times that you grow your character and resolves more than ever, is when you are facing your mountains. Opposites make each other. Success and failure define each other. You can never fully know something without knowing its opposite.

Whenever you create a dream, God will bring in opposing circumstances, not to deter you from achieving the dream, but to allow you to experience the fullness of that dream. If you set a goal to be abundant, you may start experiencing situations of lack. This is so that you will be able to experience what abundance really means, and to show the world that you really can make it into being abundant even against the appearance of lack.

I know that many of you are facing mountains today. They might be financial, relationship issues, emotional, spiritual or even physical ailments. But know that in the midst of the struggle, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ll just be determined that nothing will stand in your way, you WILL eventually see that situation turn around.

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