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Tim Tialdo February 15, 2013 0

Significance - The Core Need Of All TV HostsTV Hosts All Need One Thing…

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Tony Robbins. Let’s face it the dude knows his stuff. One of my favorite talks I ever heard him give dealt with what he calls the 6 human needs.


TV Hosts: The 6 Human Needs

1. Certainty – the need to be safe and comfortable

2. Variety – the need for physical and mental stimulation

3. Significance – the need to feel special and worthy of attention

4. Love & Connection – the need to be loved and connected to others

5. Growth – the need to develop and expand

6. Contribution – the need to contribute beyond yourself


Notice I’ve highlighted #3. Why? Because as TV hosts, we ALL have the need for significance more than any other. It’s the reason we are big risk takers, work for pennies and sacrifice relationships’ and normalcy. We all want something bigger. We want to know that our presence in the world matters. When it’s all said and done we want to know that we left a HUGE mark on the world with our talents.

Sometimes this core need for significance is incredibly difficult to explain to those who don’t understand. Albeit family members or friends, many of them think we just want attention and are seeking the spotlight. Honestly, in a way we are, but the hard part to explain is that it’s not purely a selfish need. Significance means we want to make our mark on the world, but we also have a need to blend in and be part of the crowd.  It’s a fine line that only few of can understand.

I always find it funny that when I run into other TV hosts, they know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. So if you think you’re alone in that feeling, you’re not. We’re all with you.

How can you as TV Hosts achieve that significance?

Here’s the 4 key ingredients:

  1. You must know what makes you feel significant? Is it fame? helping others? Having fans?  Only you can answer this question.
  2. Know what makes you unique. One of the basic ingredients to obtain significance is to understand what makes you stand out in the world.
  3. Stay connected – Building authentic relationships with people who believe in you is critical to realizing your significance.
  4. The final ingredient of finding significance in your work is combating your fear of failure. Many of us are hesitant to make changes for fear that our plans will not be realized. But the only way to discover what you really want to do is to do something to the best of your ability. If you spend your life playing it safe, you will never realize your fullest potential.

We as TV Hosts must understand who we are and what we’re about. If we don’t, true lasting significance will be hard to achieve.

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