The Irony of Life’s Problems

Tim Tialdo September 7, 2012 0
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Have you ever gone through one of those times in your life when day after day and week and week it seems like new problems and challenges keep popping up everywhere? I can personally attest that I have had more than enough of those periods in my life, but I’ve learned to embrace them instead of dread them.

Why? Because problems are a good thing. Yes that’s right! The irony of problems is that they build character, test our resolve, and they help us smooth out the rough edges of life that keep us from walking through bigger and better doors. Solving life’s difficulties increases our confidence, courage, strategy and efficiency.

Whether you want to hear this or not, problems can be the best things that happen to us. But in order for a problem to be a “good” problem, we must tackle each one positively and see the advantages that can arise from dealing with them.

As human beings, we are problem solvers. It’s part of our general nature and it’s what we do best. If we didn’t solve problems, our civilization would perish! Think of the many benefits that have come out of victory over problems: overcoming social injustice, relieving poverty, better housing, technological breakthroughs, modern medicine etc.

Victory over problems equals growth and achievement in life. If we’re growing, that means we’re truly alive. When we’re not growing, we’re aimlessly trudging through life wondering if and what will happen the next day and whether or not it will be good or bad. Solving problems keeps us mentally sharp and alive. By facing and conquering obstacles, our mind grows strong and our character develops.

I once heard the saying that “every problem contains its own solution.” When we approach a problem with this thinking, it tends to create an excitement for solving it. Try to view difficulties as opportunities for growth and achievement. Each victory helps us grow in wisdom and experience.

Really, we could all views a problem as a personal challenge to ourselves. Instead of dreading them, say “Bring it on!” In order to really come alive, we must learn to conquer the bad attitude of avoiding or not wanting problems. The more problems you have to solve, the more alive you are. Obstacles are a part of life, because everything in our world is in a constant process of change.

To many people, problems mean insecurity. But in reality, the only security we have is in the knowledge that we can handle life’s difficulties in a positive way. Many people avoid dealing with problems because they fear failure This fear leads to emotional, mental, and physical immobility. There are many ways to solve a problem and many learning experiences connected with the search for a solution. Even if you don’t completely solve a difficulty, you learn just from trying. So even out of so called “ failure”, can come good.

The next time you face a problem, don’t run away from it. Force yourself to come up with a solution, and when you do, you’ll boost your confidence. Every victory helps you acquire a sense of fulfillment in your life. So, remember, life never get’s easier, we just get better.

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