TV Host Inspiration – Brooke Burke-Charvet

Tim Tialdo November 14, 2012 0

TV Host Inspiration - Brook Burke Charvet

TV Host Brooke Burke – Courage in the Face of Fear

In one of my recent podcasts with Motivational speaker Les Brown, he said, “as TV hosts, we don’t just have the ability to entertain people, we also have the ability to empower people.

Such a timely statement considering what I’ve been watching unfold this last week with Brooke Burke-Charvet. The 41-year old mom and current co-host of Dancing with the Stars is showing true bravery. She recently revealed she has thyroid cancer, or as doctors call it, “the good cancer.

There are so many great advantages to being in the spotlight as a TV host, but when things go sideways for you, either in your personal life, your health or otherwise, the whole world tends to know about it. Many celebrities do everything they can to stay out of the public eye during this time, but I want to personally applaud Brooke Burke-Charvet for being a great role model, not only to all of us hosts, but to the many fans and followers who she’s inspired as well.

Recently she posted a very intimate and honest video taped at home telling all of her fans about the situation:


Against the Traditional Celebrity Grain

That’s right, Brooke used no publicists or magazines to try and capitalize on her situation, she came right out to the world in the most honest of ways and revealed what’s going on. The fact that she will have a scar on her neck that will be very visible to the world watching would be enough for some people to end their on-air career.

Not Brooke, she is embracing who she is and what she stands for and we in the host community couldn’t be more proud of her. She is a true professional, a great TV host and a woman I know many young aspiring hosts look up to. We can all definitely learn a great lesson from Brooke. When the odds seemed stacked the highest, that’s when you really learn what you’re made of. Brooke Burke-Charvet is apparently is made of good old-fashioned iron. Godspeed Brooke, you’ve empowered others to find strength when they need it most and we’re all proud of you. Stay strong and fight the good fight. We’re cheering for you!

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