7 Steps to Create a Career Success Plan (Part 2)

Tim Tialdo February 26, 2013 0

7 Steps Top Create A Career Success Plan

Create a Career Success Plan: Action Steps

In 1 of  7 Steps to Create a Career Success Plan, we left off with creating your action plan. To help get yours started, let me give you an example of my action plan from a few years back. My goal was to create and host my own network reality show that was entertaining, positive and encouraging. Here’s how I started:

  1. Make money to live on so I can spend my time working on this.
  2. Find a mentor to guide me through the process
  3. Learn how to effectively create, pitch and sell a show idea to either a production company or a network
  4. Find an on-camera coach to get me prepared for the next level
  5. Create a fitness and nutrition plan to get myself in the best shape possible
  6. Build a website and personal brand
  7. Develop a following
  8. Network and become friends with industry “heavy-hitters”
  9. Read at least 1 hour every day on every aspect of the TV business so I know what to expect
  10. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Take some risks and don’t hold back

Once you lay out that list of goals, go back through and break down each number into sub plans. Once you start breaking down each of these numbers, you’ll quickly have a good size list to create a career success plan that will keep you both busy and motivated.

Create a Career Success Plan: Chunking

When you get a big list, I don’t want you to get all stressed out and feel like you have too many things to focus on. The truth is, most people are only able to focus on a few items at one time. For example, when most people create a career success plan, they tend to remember things that are grouped into threes. For instance:

• Most people have three names: first, middle, last.

• Most phone numbers are grouped in series of three numbers: 800-555-1212.

• Most addresses are chunked into three lines – and the third line is even chunked into threes

I want introduce you to something called “chunking.” This will allow you to break things down into more doable groups of threes. After your whole list is written out, pick three at a time to focus on. Work on those until they are completely finished and then move on to a new set of three.

Next, commit to block time. No plan is worthwhile if you don’t put some action behind it, so you must commit to at least an hour or 2 a day with no distractions to work on these things. That means no cell phone, no radio, no TV, no other people in the room. This is 100% focused time. Schedule this time each and every day and you’ll find that this will easily be the most productive time you’ve ever had.

Create a Career Success Plan: Measure and Celebrate

Lastly,  measure you’re progress and celebrate your wins. This process is incredibly important to your planning for two reasons:

• You cannot manage what you don’t measure. By checking in on a daily basis (or at a minimum a weekly basis), you will know if you’re on track and if you aren’t, you’ll be able to see what you need to work on so that you can correct your course a lot more quickly.

• You must keep score of your wins. You can’t just go through life accomplishing, giving, experiencing- without celebrating along the way. Stop and appreciate what you’ve done and enjoy the journey.

To review:  7 Steps to Create a Career Success Plan

  1. Create Your Vision
  2. Figure out what your specific result is
  3. Figure out your “whys”
  4. Develop Your Action Plan
  5. Chunk your actions into groups of 3’s
  6. Commit to and schedule block time
  7. Measure and celebrate your wins

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