Attention Getters or Attention Seekers?

Tim Tialdo February 1, 2013 0


TV Hosts: Attention Getters or Attention Seekers

What Makes a TV Host Watchable?

I find myself studying TV hosts as often as possible. Every time I stumble across a host driven show, I’ll pause and watch it for a few minutes to get a good first impression of whether or not the host is a good fit for the show.

I always find one of two types of hosts: Attention Getters and Attention Seekers.

The truth is, there are some amazing TV hosts out there who not only entertain, but also inspire others to grow and thrive like they have. These are the “attention getters.” They are personalities who attract attention because of their talent, attitude and overall demeanor. Some examples of great “attention getting” TV hosts are:

Attention Getters

Oprah Winfrey

Mike Rowe

Regis Philbin

Stacy London

Ty Pennington

Kelly Ripa

Ellen Degeneres

What Not To Do On-Camera

However, then there are the TV hosts out there that haven’t really mastered the art of humility. When you watch them, it’s like watching a train wreck unfold before your very eyes. They are so into themselves and making sure the camera knows exactly where they are at all times that you lose focus of what the show is about and end up either painfully sitting through it or changing the channel.

These are the “Attention Seekers.” While I am not here to spread negativity and directly call out any TV hosts, I must at least give you an example of some celebrity “attention seekers” that you’ve likely seen so you understand the type of personality I am talking about.

Attention Seekers

Kris Jenner

Kim & Khloe Kardashian

Kate Gosselin

Lindsay Lohan

Nikki Minaj

The attention seekers listed above always seem to have some sort of drama going on. If they don’t have drama, they figure out a way to stir some up so the headlines will once again be thrust their way. I’ve heard some tabloid journalists (if that’s what you want to call them) argue that they are trying to build their brand and become a household name. Even if that is the case, their foundation is weak and their 15 minutes will crumble soon.

I’m giving you these examples as a fair warning. When you get on camera, people can tell exactly what type of person you are very quickly. If you feel the incessant need for attention and your personality mirrors that, don’t be surprised when your audience doesn’t respond and your TV host gig doesn’t last very long.

How to Have Long Term Success as a TV Host

If you want a long-lived career as a TV host on camera, then practice good character and integrity and you’ll be attention getters. Give others the glory before yourself. When you do, karma will show up in a wonderful way to you. That’s when you’ll know you EARNED the attention instead of SOUGHT it out.

Be Attention Getters!

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor. Be yourself! Don’t go seeking out ways to get in the spotlight if it doesn’t have to do with a legitimate talent, achievement or expertise you can share. If you do something great and it gets unknowingly recognized, that’s a huge bonus and it speaks volumes about your character. If you get recognized because you’re a real bastard or drama queen, what kind of message are you sending out to the world?

Ask yourselves this question: Would you rather be attention getters that everyone would love to see fail, or would you rather be attention seekers everyone is cheering on to succeed?


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