Get Creative!

Tim Tialdo January 26, 2012 Comments Off on Get Creative!

The creativity gap will determine the economic potential of every individual and organization in the years ahead. You have to address this gap in your own life and organization if you plan to grow your career and if your company plans on winning in the future.

If you’re unwilling to be different, you’ll never get to the next level. The very fact that an entire industry does something in a particular way is a great reason to explore the exact opposite approach.

Success in the new era of business is driven by your ability to stand out and be truly remarkable. That requires an ability to tap into creativity, break the mold, introduce disruptive change, and dislodge the status quo.

Change agents win because they have the courage and creativity to break the mold. Red Bull broke the mold by launching an entirely new beverage category: The energy drink. Michael Dell broke the mold by selling computers directly to the consumer and cutting out the middleman. They discovered new and compelling ways to solve problems for customers. The play to win rather than playing not-to-lose.

This concept applies not only to breakthrough corporate innovation but also to individual careers. Have you ever looked at the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans? TO qualify these days, you need to be at least a billionaire-pretty high stakes. In reviewing the list there is something you’ll notice right away. None who earned their wealth did it by playing it safe, cutting costs and following the rules. Quite the opposite. Everyone of these people did something new and different. From retail to software to manufacturing, to creating a new kind of candy bar, the ideas these people generated changed the world. And in every case, the genesis of their success traces back to a lightning bolt of creative inspiration.

Are you getting creative in your industry today or are you doing what everyone else is doing? If you want to introduce yourself to a new level of success, start thinking differently and you’ll be shocked at what you might come up with!

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