How to Play the Post / Tweet Game Effectively

Tim Tialdo July 12, 2012 Comments Off on How to Play the Post / Tweet Game Effectively

How often should I post?

Outside of meeting them in person, the best way to engage your fan base, or at least those whom you have influence over is social media. (I know shocker right?) While that sounds easy enough, it can be a difficult task to take on as you try to build your following and encourage engagement with them.

One big question I always used to ask is how man times should I post per day? Honesty, there is no magical number. The average number of posts tends to range between 2 – 3 posts a day but there are just too many factors that affect the engagement of a post to say that a certain number is “perfect.” So how often should you post?

Below are the average numbers of posts per day by the top 10 Brands and Media on Facebook. This data shows posts that occurred from March 25th to April 24th 2012.

Facebook Post Statistics for the top ten social media brands

Based on those numbers, I recommend you visit those pages and see how and what they are posting. For instance why does Starbucks only post less than once a day? Go look at their page and study their patterns. You may learn some new tactics to drive traffic for yourself.

In addition, there are 5 basic questions you need to be able to answer to effectively post material and promote active engagement.

1. Who´s Your Audience?

What works for a global corporation with a whole social media department doesn’t necessarily work for a TV host with a significantly smaller fan base. What we must understand is that most of the time we are working alone and need to be able to focus on few tasks so we’re not overloaded. The key to learning how many posts a day is right for you is to know and listen to your audience. To engage your fans, you need to meet their expectations so try thinking what you would want from your Facebook Page or Twitter profile if you were the fan.

Understand that You cannot connect and build relationships with people if you aren’t sharing valuable content with them. Whether it will be jokes, pictures, news, product information, your story, statistics or whatever, you need to give your audience exactly what they want and even more with a positive attitude.

2. Quality Over Quantity

You need to post often to create a connection with your fans but you don’t want to over post them and spam their News Feed. To be clear – the quality of the content is more important than the frequency of your posts so focus on that a little bit more.

3. Timing Is Crucial

It’s also important to determine when your fans respond best to your content. You can use the insights tool on your Facebook fan page to do this. I recently did some work helping promote a fan page and found that that person’s fan base was especially receptive to content posted between the weekday hours of 5PM-8PM.

4. The Post Lives For 3 Hours

The post stays engaging as long as you make it engaging but if you don’t get the reaction you´ve been expecting in 3 hours from the post, you can probably start thinking about a new one.

5. Do You Have The Content?

If you’re one of those hosts with loads of interesting content, you can probably afford to post content more often than others. For example Ty Pennington posts multiple times a day. Sometimes is just a photo, sometimes it’s a call to action looking for feedback, but he is frequent and consistent with his posts. This is a big reason he has over 284,000 fans on his page!

Hopefully this is helpful in getting you started on the right path to better posting. I know the first time I learned these things, I figured out I was doing it all wrong. So you don’t do the same, simply follow these steps to begin and pay attention to my page in the coming days!


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