The Successful Trait shared by 3 of the World’s Most Powerful Companies

Tim Tialdo February 18, 2013 0

The World's Most Powerful Companies- the one trait they share

The World’s Most Powerful Companies

They are 3 of the world’s most powerful companies today. While they are very different in many respects, Apple, Google and Facebook all share a similar beginning, one of uncertainty.

Most of the time I read on a daily basis to educate myself, but being the visual learner I am, I also take time to watch documentaries. This weekend I watched a series by Bloomberg TV called “Game Changers.” The three profiles were of the founders of Apple, Google and Facebook.

The Founders of the World’s Most Powerful Companies

While it is true that each one of these men were incredibly intelligent, they also shared many flaws. Apple founder Steve Jobs for instance was almost unbearable to work for as his exacting standards were emotionally and physically draining on his employees. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a very quiet but intensely driven individual who stops at nothing to achieve his vision of what he believes Facebook can become. Google co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page were dynamic programmers who at a point were told they were smart visionaries, but didn’t have the business savvy to handle the exponential growth of Google without the help of a true businessman.

The Common Successful Trait of the World’s Most powerful Companies

While those traits are all fascinating, the one common trait the world’s most powerful companies all shared that I found the most interesting was this: None of them knew where their businesses were going or how they would get there. They only knew what the ultimate outcome could be. They all needed outside help from people smarter than them in other areas. Steve Jobs needed Steve Wozniak who created the original Apple computer, Mark Zuckerberg needed Napster creator Sean Parker to connect him with the Silicon valley Venture capitalists, and Sergei Brin and Larry Page needed businessman  and eventual Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

The point here is that like the world’s most powerful companies, you too can build whatever it is you want if you have:

  • An idea
  • A vision
  • The absolute desire to make it happen no matter what it takes

Will it be easy? Hell no it won’t! But the true question you must ask yourself is. “Will it be worth it?”

I can honestly tell you that while I am nowhere near the pinnacle of what I hope to achieve in my life, I do know the answer to that last question and so do the world’s most powerful companies. It will absolutely be worth it and you must find a vision in your life in which you can answer the same way. When you do, the drive and determination to get there will take you through the speedbumps, obstacles and incredibly difficult times where most people would give up.

So ask yourself, “What is my vision and why is it worth it to pursue?” Please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my TV Hosts blog!


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