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Tim Tialdo February 7, 2013 0

TV Hosting - How good is your website?

TV Hosts Websites Are Sexy but…

It’s funny, when I first thought about writing this blog I remembered how good I THOUGHT my website was when I started. Like most TV hosts out there, I had nice graphics, use of Flash and vibrant color. To my shock and awe, I learned the hard way that my website was performing pitifully.

As TV hosts, we are a creative bunch. We normally don’t stress over the details and functionality of things, we tend to be more interested in the look and feel of our sites. Heck, a TV Hosts biggest fear is that a visitor to our website would think it’s bland and boring. But the hard truth is your website is so much more than a billboard for your photos and videos.

While front page sex appeal is fantastic and fun, it has little to do with the ultimate functionality and marketability of your site.  The days of just having a site for casting directors, agents and potential clients and employers to visit are long gone.

A website is not just a website anymore, it is the foundation of your brand online and it must perform in a fashion that is coherent with that brand. One of the best things TV Hosts can initially do is grade your website, and no I don’t mean hire a developer and pay him/her thousands of dollars.

Website Grading

In order to measure where you are at now and how you can grow, you need custom information about your site in particular. There is a fantastic, but little known tool online called Website Grader. A company called Hubspot developed it.

TV Hosting - How good is your website?

To learn what your site grade is, simply go to Marketing Grader and type in your site URL. For instance, I typed in

The grader measures your site based on a complex set of criteria and will tell you things like:

  • Are you blogging enough? If not, what you can do to improve traffic
  • Is your site search engine optimized (SEO)?
  • Are your page URL’s labeled correctly?
  • Is your site Mobile friendly? (This is BIG by the way)TV Hosts - Is your website mobile friendly?
  • How does your social media perform? Is it tied in with your site?
  • Are you using analytics to best measure your sites performance?

Whether you even know what half of these things are, they are all incredibly important in driving and maintaining traffic to your site. The bottom line, if you don’t have traffic, it’s like having a nice big yacht with no motor. You’re going nowhere.

When you get your score back the site gives you detailed information on where you are doing good and why, and also where you need improvement and how to do so.

The Marketing Grader scores on a 1-100 scale. My site as I write this blog scored an 86. According to my report, points were deducted were for the following reasons.

  • Not all of my images have alt tags. Images are invisible to search engines, and alt tags are an easy way to tell search engines what your page is about.
  • My blog post titles were a bit longer than recommended.
  • I need an Apple Icon meaning iPhone and iPad can allow users to add a quick link to the desktop of their device for easy access to my site.
  • I need to add more landing page links in my tweets and could use more re-tweets of my blog posts. This means I am not making it as easy as I could on my readers to do so.

TV Hosts Can Now Get Their Website Graded!

I encourage all of you as TV Hosts to know where you stand and start making improvements right now. Go to the site and find out what your score is, it’s free!

I would love to know what your biggest website challenge is right now? Please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my TV Hosts blog!


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