Get Certain About What You Want

Tim Tialdo May 1, 2012 Comments Off on Get Certain About What You Want

There’s a saying that many of you have heard that goes ” seeing is believing.” This means that the visions and beliefs we hold have amazing power to create our reality.

Developing certainty starts with a decision to choose visions and beliefs that will support your dreams and goals, and lift you up rather than drag you down. Figure out what beliefs help you in creating the life that you want, and which beliefs you currently have that are not healthy or positive.

I hear too many people say they are scared something is going to happen either in the personal life, at their job, in their finances etc. And guess what happens? That fear comes to pass.

Make a commitment to change your beliefs if you have realized that your existing beliefs are holding you back. The first step to making changes is to decide that you are willing to do whatever it takes to replace an attitude, habit, or belief that is getting in the way of your happiness.

Keep in mind too, that making a commitment once is not enough. Any habit takes time to change, and you will need to commit on a daily basis to replacing an old habit or belief with a new healthy and positive one.

If you truly want to change your life, you will need to have a certainty that change is possible, worthwhile, and something that you are absolutely determined to achieve. Without this conviction that you will change what is not working in your life, it is all too easy to slide back into old habits.

Once you have succeeded in creating a positive belief, it’s important that you consistently maintain your practice of it every day, or it is still likely that you’ll slip back into old ways of thinking.

Maintaining a positive mind-set can be compared to being physically fit. You cannot get in shape, stop exercising, and expect to remain fit. You must keep exercising your body to stay in shape, and you must also keep strengthening your beliefs in order to keep a great attitude and outlook.

No matter how firmly you believe in something, there will be times or situations when doubts will creep into your mind, but like a warrior, you must choose not to let them in. You can choose not to rent space in our heads to negative thoughts. If you notice a doubt creeping into your mind, immediately replace it with a positive statement.

Doubts and fears can be incredibly persistent. I know there have been times in my life when they seem daunting and powerful, but to keep certainty in your positive beliefs, you will have to be just as persistent as those niggling, lurking doubts. Every time one pops up, think about the exciting and fulfilling things you believe are coming into your life.

Refuse to question the beliefs that you have chosen to have. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, or what the critical voice in the back of your mind keeps trying to tell you. What matters is that you know on a deep spiritual level what is right for you.

If you follow your heart, the way that you choose to live is unquestionably the right way for you. The guidance that your intuition provides will never lead you astray, as long as you listen with your mind and your heart. Believe in yourself and have certainty in your beliefs.

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