How the Art of Improv Increases Your Marketability

Tim Tialdo August 9, 2012 Comments Off on How the Art of Improv Increases Your Marketability

 How the art of improv increases your marketability

So there you are with your friends having a good time and someone says something that generates a funny thought in your mind. You immediately spit that thought out and everyone erupts in laughter. This is the art of improv in everyday conversation. It’s a powerful tool in your personality arsenal that can bring you great success as a host.

But improv is much more than just making up funny things on the spur of the moment. Done well, it can move an audience and change your life. Even if youy’re not very good at it, when you start trying to improvise more often you’ll improve your communication skills, your ability to speak in public, you’ll meet new people and you’ll develop your humor and storytelling. Look back at that sentence again and read the attributes. Isn’t that someone we would all enjoy being around?

When a host is great at improvisation, it makes them not only more watchable, but more marketable. Some of the very best improv hosts in the industry today are Mike Rowe, Wayne Brady, Tom Bergeron and Kelly Ripa. They thrive on the ability to pump out catchy one-liners off the top of their head. And when they do, audiences love them for it!

I recently saw this video from one of Mike Rowe’s Dirty Job Promotional shoots. These are outtakes, but they show his uncanny ability to improv on the spot with no script and his timing is beautiful! Take a look.

That should give you a good idea why Mike has such an enormous following and immense success as both a host and spokesperson. Now I know there are some of you out there going, “Yeah that’s great, but i’m not Mike Rowe and i’m not great at improv, so what now?” That’s a great question, so let me give you my best answer.

Improv skills are developed organically. Most hosts I know who are really good at it developed the ability much the same way I was able to, comedians. That’s right, no one is born with the ability to improv. It is developed by watching and hearing others speak. If you love to laugh, then I fully encourage you to watch some stand up camics that you enjoy.

When I was younger, I watched Eddie Murphy, Kevin James, Chevy Chase, Bill Cosby and on and on. What I learned from watching them was their incredible timing ability with an audience. They knew just the right moment to say a punch line or react to a person or situation. It was hilarious and it made me want to learn how to do that as well.

After you watch enough comedians, you start to pick up on that sense of timing they display and begin to try it out yourself. It took me years to get it down, but now that I look back at some of those comedians, I can totally see where my sense of timing and improv abilities came from.

So if you think you can’t learn this “personality” trait, think again. Improv is learnable, powerful and it can increase your quality of life more than you’ll ever know. Your friends will enjoy you more, you’ll light up a room like never before and people will purposely want to be around you. Sounds like a combination for success to me!

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