How To Stay Away From The Negative Trash

Tim Tialdo June 12, 2012 Comments Off on How To Stay Away From The Negative Trash


Let’s be honest, we all know people that love to be negative. To be even more honest, there are days when we are negative ourselves even if we don’t want to be. It’s a reality of life that every now and then we will all have a sour day or two and that other people will try and push their sour day upon us. So how do you overcome this and stay positive moving forward?

I’ll admit I struggled with this one for a while early on in my career. Someone would come up and start talking about something that pissed them off and I would jump right into the conversation. Before I knew it, I was fired up and bitching about something that really didn’t even matter. Many times we don’t even know we do it because we are caught up in the emotion of the situation. Then either a family member, significant other or a friend will point it out, and suddenly you feel terrible.

I don’t know about you, but that “terrible” feeling is surely not what gets me up in the morning excited to tackle the day. So I had to be honest with myself. How am I letting this happen and what can I do about it? Like anything in life, I knew that consistent and persistent repetition in anything we do leads to improvement and ultimately better results. So I had to find a tool or resource that would help me in my quest to get better at being positive. That’s when I stumbled upon this video from motivational speaker Les Brown.

I know at first glance this video looks old and cheesy, but trust me when I say this dude speaks the truth. He tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat it. Sometimes we all need a good dose of that and so to help you I am sharing it with you. I used to listen to it every morning and to this day I listen to it a few times a month to keep me on the right track.  Enjoy!

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