Let’s Be a Blessing to Others

Tim Tialdo May 21, 2012 Comments Off on Let’s Be a Blessing to Others

You might find this funny, but I don’t have a TV. But even when I’m around one at the gym or in a restaurant it just seems like the world is a mess. Corruption, violence, greed, sex…it’s all a little overwhelming sometimes.

There are so many people who need help. There are so many causes and so much to do.

I have to be honest, I’ve had it pretty good in life. I’ve seen and done things others would only dream of, but that surely doesn’t mean I want to reap all the benefits and sit by and do nothing to help others. So I picked one cause I think we can all agree on. I’m working to give people something they absolutely cannot do without –the most basic of health needs.

I want to give people clean drinking water.

I was absolutely floored when I learned that a billion+ people don’t have access to safe drinking water! I don’t mean that their pipes don’t work; I mean that they have to walk hours each day to collect dirty water from stagnant ponds and muddy rivers.  here’s what’s crzy about that. For so many of them, clean water actually runs in aquifers under their homes and villages. But they don’t have the drilling equipment or the money to reach it. So that’s why I’m stepping into the fight to help, and I’m asking you to join me

Just $5,000 can build a clean water project to serve a community of 250 people. My goal is to raise $12,000 towards a project in 2012.

There’s a lot of need in the world and most of us have the basic essentials to live like a home, food, water and transporatation. There are so many than have none of those. To help out, i’m starting here. Will you join me? To make donation go to my campaign website here:


To learn more about the water crisis, watch this video:


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