Surround Yourself With Assets Not Liabilities

Tim Tialdo January 12, 2014 Comments Off on Surround Yourself With Assets Not Liabilities

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Surround Yourself with Assets: Who Do You Allow Into Your Inner Circle?

“A true friend is there when you’re on the mountaintop or in the dumpster.”

— Anonymous

The people in our lives who treat us with kindness, respect, honesty, and understanding have the ability to lift us to our highest heights. Translation: Surround yourself with assets! On the flip side, those who mistreat us, disrespect us, lie to us, neglect us, or abuse us often have the power to pull us down into the depths of despair. They either lift us up or drag us down.

So what’s going on in your relationships? Think about the people surrounding you: your family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances, boyfriend/girlfriend. Are any of these people holding you back from being your best? Are any of them making you feel unworthy, unloved, and uncared for? Are any of them making you feel small, weak, dirty, stupid, or insignificant? Are any of them demeaning or disrespecting you by making you feel like you don’t deserve happiness, abundance, and peace in your life? If so, who are they? Again, surround yourself with assets.

The most important question: Why in the heck are you allowing these people in your life!?

I say “allowing” because every relationship in your life—even those with your family members—is 100 percent voluntary and therefore subject to your influence. You can choose to maintain, build, minimize, or even break off any relationship at any time. You don’t have to call your parents, you don’t have to stay in the relationship with the abusive jerk, and you don’t have to put up with friends who try to keep you down to their lazy, unmotivated and frankly pathetic level.

Right now your relationships are turning out exactly the way you are allowing them to. Since you have the power to reward or penalize people with your level of commitment to the relationship, you are in essence continually teaching people how to treat you. If someone is treating you poorly, then it’s because you haven’t influenced or taught them to do otherwise. You haven’t consistently or authoritatively stood up for yourself or put your foot down and said, “Enough! I will never allow you treat me like that again!”

Surround Yourself with Assets – The quality of your life depends on it

When you surround yourself with assets, those great relationships support your well-being and growth. If you’re in any relationship that doesn’t fit that bill, it’s time to reassess why you’re in it and determine what you should do about it. Do you feel an obligation to be in this dysfunctional relationship, or are you just scared to be alone? Should you break ties with those who are hurting you, or should you at the very minimum lay down some new ground rules for how you expect to be treated?

When you surround yourself with assets it isn’t just about kicking those to the curb who treat you unfairly, the truth is we all know that can’t always happen — not everyone can ditch their mean spouses that easily. But here’s the clue I will give you: it’s not so much about losing the deadbeats as it is about having MORE supportive people around you. As a rule of thumb, try to have at least 10 super supportive friends and mentors around you who act as your cheerleaders and emotional support. Decide right now that by the end of 2013\4 you’ll have 10 new supportive friends and mentors and your life in 2015 will explode with passion, joy and achievement.

Decide right now to surround yourself with assets – only those people who lift you higher in life—those who appreciate you, respect you, support you, and love you. A life of beauty is built by surrounding yourself with beautiful souls.


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