Why We Should All Model Ourselves After Someone More Successful Than We Are

Tim Tialdo June 11, 2012 Comments Off on Why We Should All Model Ourselves After Someone More Successful Than We Are


I’ve always been fascinated by people who are constantly successful at what they do; especially those who experience success in different areas of their life throughout their lifetime.  I admire people like Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  We all have someone that comes to mind when we think of super successful people we admire.  But how do they do it?

Over the years I’ve studied the lives of numerous successful people.  I’ve read their books, watched their interviews, researched them online, etc.  And I’ve learned that most of them were not born into success; they simply did, and continue to do, things that help them realize their full potential.  What I’ve found to be consistent across the board is that they all modeled themselves after someone more successful than themselves.

The interesting thing is that if, like them, you can find someone doing the same kind of work you’d like to do, and they are very successful at it, this is an incredible resource for you. When you study and model those more successful than you, you automatically set the bar higher in your life as to what you want to accomplish and what your standards will be.

Many times though, we tend to view someone more successful as an unobtainable dream of sorts. For instance if I told you that you could be as rich as Warren Buffet, or as iconic as Oprah Winfrey, most people automatically shift to the “that’s just a pipe dream” mentality. And because that’s what they think, that is what they get. 

I know this because that used to be me. Most people that know me, understand that I am a big thinker and very positive, but it wasn’t always that way. I grew up  in a culture that told me only certain things were possible for people like me and that I must accept certain boundaries and restrictions based on my mental, physical and geographical location. It took a long time to get over that psychological obstacle, but let me tell you how I did it.

Anything that we do must come from the inside. It’s not that there are any blocks outside of you that are preventing you from being as successful as the people you admire. It’s just that the blocks are within yourself. I had a block and needed to address it. So I asked myself: What is it within me that is creating this block? What kind of internal rules do I have that are sabotaging me over and over? What are the things that I am not willing to do, but the other person may be so wiling to do that could be the factor in them being more successful than me?

When you are able to figure these questions out and be completely honest with yourself, it will be a freeing moment in your life. This of course means that you may be humbled, that your ego may take a hit, but it also means that the chains holding you back will be broken if you’re willing to admit it to yourself and take action.

There is no doubt when I say “successful person,” you have an immediate picture that comes to mind. So today, study those people with all the effort you can give and then instead of telling yourself why you can’t be like them, make a list of reasons why you can, and then start taking action. It may take months, years or even decades, but if that is what you want, nothing in the deepest part of your soul will be able to stop you if you put your mind to achieving what it is you want.

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