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Keeping an event entertaining while maintaining a smooth flow of events can be a tricky task to tackle. Tim Tialdo has 10 years of experience and hundreds of events under his belt. Just read this testimonial from a recent event in Dallas, TX:

I met Tim when he was hired to emcee/host an event that my company was running to introduce a series of things to include a rebranding strategy, various product rollouts, etc. Tim arrived a week prior to the event to, unknowingly, enter a situation where he was called upon to do FAR more than expected … and he did so with all the grace, expertise, honesty and execution abilities of a consummate professional. His ability to remain calm and nimble in the face of very last-minute demands was critical and so necessary.

Beyond that (and perhaps most importantly!) Tim is hilarious and extremely personable both on stage and behind the scenes. He brought some much-needed levity to an extremely stressful situation and you can’t put a price on that! Tim made the experience enjoyable and I was thrilled to work alongside him. Beyond the literal contributions made to the show itself, his perspective on the big picture and ability to flow that down to communicate the reality of a situation is so rare. That is something that is certainly recognized and should be appreciated. He demonstrated not only a finely honed skill at the emcee/hosting role, but also a knowledge base for his entire field/industry that showed tremendous leadership quality.

Kudos to Tim, and whomever has the good judgement to bring this fellow aboard.

Tiffany Harris

FORU Corporate Development Team

Here’s just a few of the many corporate clients Tim has worked with over the years:

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