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 The Book Officially Launches Wednesday, January 9th. That’s the Day You Send Either of The Below Emails Out To Your List. (FEEL FREE TO CUSTOMIZE THEM) Just copy and paste as I have already embedded the links to the book page for you.

I’ll Be Sending You A Reminder Email That Morning!

Email Template #1

Subject Line: Heads Up! Book for you

Hi (name),

If you are considering becoming a TV host, or becoming a better TV host…I have EXTREMELY important news for you.

There is NOTHING that can build momentum and leverage for your career like a well-developed foundation. Nothing. Tim Tialdo, author of “Host Your Own TV Show,” is an Emmy award winning host and producer who’s been in the business for over a decade.

And today, he’s offering to share all that he’s learned from years of experience (good and bad) with you.

Learn more here.

Several students of Tim’s recently won Emmy awards for Hosting thanks in part to the knowledge and insight he offered to them early on in their hosting careers.

No matter what niche you want to be a host in, from reality shows, to game shows, to shopping networks, Tim has expert insight he gained from both his own experience and his vast network of TV friends and experts.

Order ‘Host Your own TV Show’ today!

This knowledge is some of THE best out there today.

Even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before, you can learn from scratch how to build your platform, your brand and give yourself the best possible chance to get in front of the right audience.


If you’re seasoned on-camera, this is HOW you take your talents to the next level and generate a bigger fan base.

Order ‘Host Your Own TV Show’ now.

I know that this book will sell out quickly (Tim’s only allotted 1000 first run copies from the publisher), so if you’re ready to start building momentum, and join the ranks of the many TV personalities who have skyrocketed their careers to new levels, then order this book now.

To your success,
(Your Name)




Email Template #2


Hey (Name),

My good friend and TV Host Tim Tialdo is releasing copies of his newest book, “Host Your Own TV Show: 5 Steps to Help You Become a Top TV personality, here.

This book *just* came out and I think he’s allotted like 1,000 copies only so grab yours now.

By the way, in the past 12 years – here’s some

of what Tim has accomplished:

1. 2-Time Mid-America Emmy winning Host & Producer.

2. Worked in almost every aspect of the TV industry (News, Entertainment, Commercials, Voice-overs, Production)

3. Created, produced and launched a Top 20 market Magazine show from scratch without the help of a network.

4. Has several National commercial credits

5. Emceed for 2 professional sports teams

6. Worked at Access Hollywood

7. Spent 5 years as a news anchor and reporter

8. Developed a vast network of industry hosts and experts

9. Wrote a book in 6 WEEKS!

Now you might be wondering…WOW! Where can I get a copy??

Grab one now by clicking here…You’ll love this!


(Your Name)


P.S. I got my advance copy on Friday, don’t miss out on this excellent resource for TV hosts

It’s excellent.

Get it here.