Why YouTube Marketing is the Way of The Future (and the present)

Tim Tialdo July 4, 2012 Comments Off on Why YouTube Marketing is the Way of The Future (and the present)

youtube-marketing as a TV host

Youtube is a great platform for people with websites who want to promote themselves. If you have a personal website, you should consider YouTube marketing as a way to bring free targeted web traffic to your site.

Of course the entire world knows about YouTube and that makes it even more powerful. There are videos about anything and everything – from folding bed sheets to blooper videos to computer programming videos.

YouTube marketing is a great way to add another dimension to your personal brand. Sometimes videos can be even more effective way of conveying your points and ideas when compared to just text.

YouTube marketing can be very effective for internet link building. For example if you’re a foodie type host that give cooking tips, then you could create a channel that has video tutorials.

You can add the link to the corresponding page from your website in the description and also link or embed the video in the original article from your site.

As you can imagine, this is a really valuable form of internet link building – and the best part is that this form of niche internet marketing it’s absolutely free!

Make sure that you don’t forget to tag your videos with the appropriate keywords so that you can be easily found on the search engines.

This helps you get targeted visitors and if you include all of the appropriate links, you will gain a lot of free targeted web traffic – remember, all of these new visitors have the potential to become returning visitors!

YouTube has even added a feature whereby you can add click-able URL buttons within your videos as annotations. This is a great tool for YouTube marketing, as it means that your links can appear more times than if you would just have them in the description area.

Oftentimes, people won’t read the full description of a video, so they won’t have a chance to see your link. But if you have the URL in your video, then they will definitely be able to see your link, and they will most likely click on it!

The main thing to remember is that your YouTube channel needs to be treated just like a personal website. The content that you upload must be good as you want people to subscribe to your channel and also to visit your website.

The information that you are providing has to be valuable and concise – this is what will separate you from other TV hosts.

You don’t need to have high-tech videos with special effects and other fancy things. A lot of the most successful niche based videos on YouTube are very basic.

The main thing you need to remember with YouTube marketing is the quality of the content. Make it as good as you possibly can.

Your YouTube channel, if popular enough, can even be used to generate additional income through the Google Adsense program.

YouTube is a really good niche internet marketing tool for website owners.

Don’t forget that the more credible your videos and articles are, the more traffic you will bring to your website.

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