How to Change Your Internal Conversation

Tim Tialdo July 31, 2012 Comments Off on How to Change Your Internal Conversation

How to change your inernal conversation

I had the great opportunity to emcee a corporate event in Dallas, TX over the weekend. While the crowd was large and the energy was great, easily the most exciting part was the fact that I had the great pleasure of introducing 2 men that I have studied and followed for much of my adult life, motivational speaker Les Brown and Author/Speaker Brian Tracy.

Both men were gracious, kind and everything I hoped they’d be when I met them in person. The two of them carry very different messages. Les preaches an attitude that everything is possible and that you must be hungry to succeed.

Brian on the other hand is a business speaker and focuses more on organization, time management and a flurry of other skills that will help you in the corporate arena.

Regardless of their differences, there is one consistent message that I’ve learned from both of them and that is to subject yourself to positive messages everyday. This means that either by listening to someone speak or reading a book that motivates you, each and every day you’re ingesting good positive material into your mind that will create conversation that always leans toward the positive.

So many people have a negative conversation going on in their head. It might stem from a TV program, gossip magazine or maybe from situations that occur in their personal lives. But what most people don’t recognize is that if there isn’t a positive voice to counter the negative one, the negative voice will continue to get stronger and stronger and you’ll end up a sour person that other people don’t want to be around.

I can honestly say I was that person at one time in my life and I certainly don’t want to ever see him rear his ugly head again. So how did I cure myself of this problem?

Every morning I get up and listen to at least 30 minutes of a positive message. I use all types of different sources, but most you can find on YouTube. Some of the people who dominate my 30-minute sessions include Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Joel Osteen, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy among many others.

However, there is one video that I find myself watching over and over by Les Brown called “The 50-Minute Mindset.” It’s powerful and never seems to get old for me. I probably listen to it 3 times a month or so.

So here’s what I would encourage you to do today. Below is the 50-Minute mindset video. It is one that oyu can watch or you can watch many others But for the next 3 weeks listen to a positive for at least 30 minutes every morning. Do it while you’re in the shower, eating breakfast and getting ready.

I have no doubt that after those 3 weeks, you’ll start to a shift in your outlook, your internal conversation and most of all the daily results you’re seeing in your life.

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