Keep At It!

Tim Tialdo May 24, 2012 Comments Off on Keep At It!

I just finally finished writing a book, an idea that I had for sometime. But like many people, while the ideas were in my head, some days it was hard to stay focused and get them all out on paper. But that’s when I came across a story that kept me going.

Some of you may know of author Wayne Dyer. He’s written many self-help books and is one of the best selling authors in that genre today. But it wasn’t always that way. When Wayne wrote his first book called “Your Erroneous Zones,” he sent his finished manuscript to many publishers and got nothing but rejection letters. None of them saw a market for Wayne’s book.

So instead of getting down on his luck, Wayne decided to dip into his own pockets and publish the book himself. He then hit the road to peddle it on local talk shows all over the country. He stuffed his car full of books and in each city he visited, he informed the local bookstores that he was going to be interviewed and would have books available to them to meet the demand.

He did this for 2 years and still, no publisher would take a chance on him and publish his book. Staying the course and not giving up, Wayne kept visiting local talk shows. One night in San Francisco, Wayne made an appearance at 3 A.M. on a T.V. show figuring that only a handful of insomniacs would be watching. But little did he know that one of those insomniacs was Johnny Carson, then the host of The Tonight Show. Carson was so intrigued with Dyer and his book that he invited him to be a guest on The Tonight Show and book sales skyrocketed. Wayne Dyer eventually became a best-selling author and host of his own TV series.

The lesson here is that you never know whom, what or when will be the right time to make something happen. But the fact is, if like Wayne Dyer you don’t give up, you cannot lose. So whatever challenge is standing in front of you today, pump yourself up to know that your “Johnny Carson” may be just around the next curve waiting to help you become a success. The question is will you be prepared for it? Keep at it and you will eventually succeed!

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