Why The Olympics Are More Than Just Good TV

Tim Tialdo June 30, 2012 Comments Off on Why The Olympics Are More Than Just Good TV

TV Hosting - Why the olympics are more than just good tv

The Olympics Are All About Good TV

The Olympics are an exciting time to watch TV. Honestly it’s probably my favorite time to watch TV period. The Olympics are so much more than just competition. Sure there’s the great rivalries like Michael Phelps Vs. Ryan Lochte. These are definitely not to be ignored.

However, the true greatness of the NBC broadcast of the Trials and the Olympic Games, is in the stories. As children we all grew up learning from stories our parents read to us. Even if it was Dr. Suess or Spongebob Squarepants, our human minds are enthralled by stories. Because unlike reality, you can picture whatever you want in a story. Someones tells you the story and in your mind you see playing out different than everyone else. It becomes your own internal picture playing on the movie screen of your mind. This is why some of the greatest speakers in the world use stories more than anything else in their presentations.

The Secret Is In The Story

The Olympics though, tell us stories that involve intense emotion. For many of the athletes, they’ve been training their entire lives for an event that might take just a few seconds to complete. The back stories of where they came from, the adversities they faced, the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into their training. These are the elements that draw you in as a viewer. All the time and effort they’ve put in is wrapped into one precious moment to remember it by, and we get a front row to seat to watch it happen.

This video is by far one of my favorites to post, because every time I do it gets people emotional. It’s the story of Derek Redmond, a U.S. Track and Field athlete who was heavily favored to win the 200M sprint back in the Barcelona Olympics in the 90’s. Understand that when you’re favored to win an event, automatically, the TV networks put more emphasis on your performance, they produce a story for the audience and they put most of the attention in that particular event on you. For Derek, this was a day he’ll never forget…


If you teared up during that video, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The amount of layers in that story are enough to connect us not just with the story, but with the emotion felt by both Derek Redmond and his father.

– The dedication and hard work that was left out on the track.

– The love of a parent coming to the rescue of his child.

– The raw emotion of Derek Redmond‘s determination and perseverance.

How can you not get emotional watching something like that. It makes you want to tackle whatever challenge is in front of you with a new fire! It is the essence of what makes good TV and ultimately the reason I and many others love watching the Olympics.

Some Memorable Olympic Moments

I still remember when Michael Johnson won the 200M sprint wearing his gold shoes. I remember when Michael Phelps won 8 Gold medals. I remember Mary Lou Retton, Mark Spitz and Usain Bolt all set records and wowed us with their accomplishments. I remember when Kerri Strug, with a hurt ankle, pulled off a gymnastics vault that was one for the ages. (And I don’t even like gymnastics!)

So whether you are a loyal watcher of the games or not, I highly encourage you to take some time during the next Olympic Games to  watch and see these historic stories unfold before your eyes. They are exciting, inspiring and damn good entertainment! These are images that will play in your mind for the rest of your life. Try this video on for size and see if you don’t get moved in some way….

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