Life On Air With Tim Tiado – Episode #008 – “New Day Cleveland” Host Kristi Capel

Tim Tialdo August 28, 2012 0


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“New Day Cleveland” TV Host Kristi Capel

If you think of the words that describe a great TV host, (Energetic, confident, playful, funny, big personality etc.) my guest on this weeks podcast fits the bill perfectly. She is a former college volleyball player, Miss Missouri USA and a good friend. I watched her grow through 3 different television markets since I have known her and she continues to climb the staircase of success. Her energy is infectious and she’s what you might call a “natural’ at being on TV.

Kristi Capel is the host of “New Day Cleveland” on Fox 8 in Cleveland, OH. She’s done just about every job in the TV news side of the business serving as a meteorologist, traffic reporter, entertainment reporter and anchor. No doubt you will see her on the national stage one day in the near future, but for now she’s loving life and I’m really happy she was able to find time to share her story with us. Enjoy the podcast!

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