Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #007 -TV Host Demo Reel Expert Brian Rose

Tim Tialdo August 19, 2012 0


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Demo Reel Expert Brian Rose

For those of you who are part of the TV Host industry, you know one of the foundational items you need to market yourself as a host is the demo reel. It’s basically your business card. If you go online you’ll see a million different reels all done is different ways, but who is right and what is the best way to get noticed as a TV host by the people that matter? I’m excited to have a good friend on the show today who I trusted my reel with when I first wanted to be a TV host.

He is highly respected in the field and is frequently speaking with the decision makers like casting directors and agents on what they are looking for in a TV Host reel. This means there aren’t many people out there more qualified than he is to  give you some top notch advice on how to create or modify your reel. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to do some note taking, because Brian Rose of B. Rose Productions is about to give you the insider secrets to a great demo reel!

TV Host Demo Reel Creation

Want to hire Brian? Simply head to his website where you will see great examples of his work and you can contact him directly!

Want to Create a TV Host Demo Reel Yourself?

I’ve created a video tutorial to walk you through the basics of structuring a great reel. Watch How To Create Your Demo Reel here

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