Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #011 – TV Host Coach/Teen Hollywood Expert- Jill Wilderman

Tim Tialdo September 30, 2012 0


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Big Sis To Teen Hollywood

She is considered one of the foremost experts on teens and pop culture and she also coaches TV hosts how to produce their own content. Not only has Jill Wilderman interviewed every major teen star from Justin Bieber to Miranda Cosgrove, but she’s developed strong relationships with them as has become known as the “big sis to teen Hollywood”. Her predictions about the ‘next big thing’ for teens have been spot on the past few years.  She has shot on the set of practically every popular teen show and has become not only a trusted source but also a friend to many of these young actors, athletes and singers.

Wilderman’s non-gossipy, G-rated personal insight into teens and teen stars makes her a trusted and in-demand expert for television, radio, online and beyond.  Whether she is talking about the music they are listening to, the shows they are watching, the things that are trending or the tools they are using, Jill has the inside scoop from the best teen sources.  My podcast guest today, Miss Jill Wilderman!

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