Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #012 – Top Voice Coach – Marc Cashman

Tim Tialdo October 3, 2012 0


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Voice Coach Marc Cashman

He has one of the most popular coaching courses in the voice acting industry. A voice actor himself, Marc Cashman has been doing voice overs of all kinds for 30 years. Everything from commercials to audiobook narration, he’s seen and heard it all in the voiceover industry. Now, he shares his knowledge and expertise by training people in his California studio and via phone and Skype all over the world.

Use Your Voice as a TV Host

Today on the podcast, Marc shares more about his coaching classes and how TV hosts can better connect with their audiences via their mouths. If you’ve never really considered how much your voice matters on-camera, this podcast is a must listen for you! To see Marc in action, I’ve included a video below that profiled one of his classes.



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