Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #019 – TV Host/Fitness Competitor Callie Bundy

Tim Tialdo February 1, 2013 0


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Callie Bundy’s Big Personality

Do you ever run into one of those women who has a dynamic, fun and sexy personality, but yet somehow is a little intimidating? That’s a great way to describe my guest Callie Bundy.

Callie Bundy is an All-American Girl, who grew up in Connecticut playing sports. In her third grade journal, Callie wrote “I like sports, eating & sleeping & in my spare time I do my homework”.

From College Athlete to Life On Air

Callie played NCAA Division One Women’s Softball at Quinnipiac University while she was there; she earned Northeast All-Conference honors and was named captain of the team during her senior year.

Callie completed her degree in Business Marketing with a concentration in advertising & communications.

Callie Bundy Overseas

She has hosted shows overseas in Japan, worked for Fuel TV and most recently has been hosting segments for Muscular Development Magazine, Not to mention, in addition to being a great TV host,  she is a rising star in the fitness world as a bikini competitor. She truly has a life on air that is unique and irreverent.

Callie’s challenges with the world of TV hosting are like that of many hosts all over the country and today she opens up with me about how she’s handled and overcome them.

Today’s Life On Air  interview that will have you laughing and get you inspired all at the same time! Enjoy the podcast!

 Callie Bundy Host Reel


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