Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #021 – Lucy-Jade Norris

Tim Tialdo February 19, 2013 0


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Lucy-Jade Norris – Host of “On Deck With Lucy”

Lucy-Jade Norris is an English Actress who is now enjoying her career as a TV host in New York. She began her career as a professional dancer in London and had the opportunity to host a TV show in England called Fame TV.  While in front of the camera, Lucy-Jade Norris discovered her passion for acting and decided to further her training at The New York Conservatory for Film and Television. She is now working on projects in film and television as well as theatre, but the project that I’m most impressed with is the show created all by herself, called On Deck With Lucy.

Making It Happen – Lucy-Jade Norris

In the Spring of 2012 she had the idea of creating the show to highlight the 3 ‘T’s of New York; The Trends, The Tastes and The Talents, covering all that she loves about NY. On Deck With Lucy gives talented individuals a platform to showcase their expertise and offer viewers an insight into the incredible experiences NY has to offer.

After studying and working professionally in NY for 4 years Lucy has experienced a journey of passion, challenges and unforgettable moments. Throughout her projects she has been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people who have inspired, educated and entertained her

Lucy-Jade Norris – The Host



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