Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #022 – Former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey

Tim Tialdo February 25, 2013 0


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Shandi Finnessey – TV Host & Miss USA 2004Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey

Shandi Finnessey is one of the most memorable Miss USA’s of this era, not only did her crowning have one of the highest ratings for the pageant in decades, she also was runner-up that year at The Miss Universe Pageant. Since then her time in Hollywood has been highlighted with one great accomplishment after another.

Shandi Finnessey - Co-host of Lingo

Her first big gig was as the co-host of the game show Lingo with Chuck Woolery. She also hosted Playmania on GSN, Quizmania and The Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS. She has made special appearances on NBC’s The Apprentice, CMT and in 2007 was cast to appear as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.


Shandi Finnessey – A Midwest Girl at Heart

Shandi Finneseey - Dancing with the Stars

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Shandi Finnessey dedicates herself to helping children and people with disabilities. One of her proudest achievements was publishing a children’s book titled “The Furrtails.” Infinity Publishing awarded the distinguished AWMAD for Authors Who Make a Difference to her children’s book and she also finished her second children’s book titled “Suzanna the Banana.”

Shandi Finnessey - The Furrtails

On today’s podcast Shandi announces yet another big accomplishment in her on-air career as we will be seeing her this spring on a major network reality show. If you want to know which one, you’ll have to listen to the podcast (Shameless self-plug). She also opens up about her life in Los Angeles and the challenges that go along with being a former Miss USA.



To see Shandi Finnessey’s demo reel, click the image below:


Shandi Finnessey Demo Reel


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