Life On Air With Tim Tialdo – Episode #016 – St. Louis Cardinals On-Field Emcee – Todd Thomas

Tim Tialdo November 4, 2012 0


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Professional Sporting Event Emcee – Todd Thomas

For those of you who are looking to emcee professional sporting events, my guest on today’s podcast is easily one of the best in the business and quite possibly the longest tenured as well. Todd Thomas, also known as “That one guy” has been the on-field emcee for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team for an incredible 16 years! To those fans, his face is just as recognizable as many of the players. Todd started out as a local DJ and made a name for himself before landing a job with the Cardinals. In this episode you’ll learn how he not only landed the job, but helped evolve what the team did to utilize his particular talents. He also sheds some light on how to get into the professional sports emcee field and why right now is a great time to be contacting teams for next season!

Coming Next Week St. Louis Cardinals Emcee Todd Thomas

Motivational Speaker Les Brown Interview

 Top Motivational Speaker and Former TV Host Les Brown

He is one of the most decorated motivational speakers of the last 25 years and a former TV host. Les Brown is a personal mentor of mine and a former radio DJ and State Representative in Ohio. Now in his 60’s less is truly a great source of wisdom for hundreds of thousands of people across the country and he so graciously agreed to stop by the podcast to share it with us. Tune in next week for what is sure to be a real treat with the great Les Brown!

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