I’m a Leo. I enjoy long walks on the beach and Monster Truck and Tractor Pulls. In my spare time, I stunt double for George St. Pierre and mentor young disadvantaged children. Oh yeah, and I wear sex panther, a formidable scent that stings the nostrils.

Got your attention yet? Good, now let me give you the real story. Ever since I can remember my core mission has been to be  champion for the positive. I think that’s why I love doing TV so much. It has simply become an awesome medium to be able to communicate with people I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. That and it also fills my unspeakable need for inordinate amounts of attention to fulfill my narcissistic side, LOL! Anyone who knows me understands that I’m incredibly passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. My discipline for these 3 area carries over to all other areas of my life. I am self-admittedly now a whole foods plant based eater. Through years of studying nutrition and the human body, my passion to stay in the best condition possible both on the outside and inside has led me to this lifestyle. I must say, as much as people might dread eating fruits and veggies all the time, I personally love it and it has made me feel better than I ever have in my life! How do you think I get this unspeakable energy?

As you may have guessed by now one of my favorite hobbies is to speak to and inspire others both on stage and on-camera. In all the jobs I’ve ever worked, my core passion to help others always seems to spill out in some way. Personal development is a core passion as well. The way I see it is that if you’re not constantly improving yourself, how do you expect to help others? I’m an enormous bookworm, to date I’ve read nearly 400 personal development books. I’m hoping to get to 500 by the time I hit 40!

The top three priorities in my life are God, my family and my friends. My spirituality is the compass that guides my morals, decisions and values. I have wonderful family, my beautiful wife Heather, our two Great Danes Titus and Sampson and our bulldog Sucio.  They represent the true joy in my life. TV host Tim Tialdo and his Great Dane Titus


My adventure into the crazy world of TV began following my graduation from a school known more for drinking than a top-notch education, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 2 weeks after commencement and detox, I immediately took a job at Access Hollywood. And no I wasn’t on-air, I was grabbing coffee for the hosts and producers and delivering trade papers and learned what the big time is all about! Yes, it was a glamorous and lucrative $14,000 job!

When the banana seat broke on my bicycle and I couldn’t deliver coffee anymore I decided to pursue my on-air career. This journey took me across the country for my first news reporting gig in the bustling metropolitan city of Clarksburg, WV at WBOY-TV (12 NEWS). Talk about culture shock! After spending 2 years there and most of my Friday nights socializing at Outback Steakhouse, I decided to move up in the world by taking an anchor position in Springfield, MO at KYTV.

After 5 years in local news, frankly I was bored and hungry to flex my creative muscles in entertainment. Soon after resigning from news, I took my first host gig in my hometown of St. Louis Missouri and i’ve been hosting shows and freelancing ever since.


But it certainly has not been a cake walk. I had my share of setbacks along the way. I went broke twice, was laid off when the economy tanked and found myself doing menial jobs I did as a teenager to get by. (Translation: yes I was mowing lawns!) But this period of adversity allowed me to tap into my entrepreneurial side and create, along with a very talented group, my first magazine show called SPOT TV. I was blessed and humbled to three two Mid-America Emmy awards, 1 for producing a “Best Magazine Program” and 2 for “Best Host.” In the words of every other Emmy winner, “I just want to thank the academy!”


Today I continue to pursue this amazing career called “hosting.” I’ve been lucky enough to meet amazing people from all different walks of life and industries along the way. Much of the knowledge I learned from them, I now apply to the hosting world. In 2013 I completed my first book, ‘Host Your Own TV Show: 5 Steps to Help You Become a Top TV Personality” I also really enjoy live audiences and the job of “emceeing.” I currently emcee 4 Miss USA pageants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana and Alabama for RPM Productions. I also emcee several IFBB Professional Fitness shows throughout the year. TV Hosting - Host Your Own TV Show

When I’m not hosting and emceeing, you’ll find me doing anything that involves an audience. From commercials, to sporting events to developing marketing videos for corporations,  I love this business we call TV. I also am the Director of Marketing for an up and coming Healthy restaurant concept called Pure Plates. You can learn more about them at Oh and let’s not forget one of my biggest new hobbies, blogging. You’ll find some of my most read posts below, but if you’d like to subscribe to my blog, click here.

Finally, one of the true great passions in my life is to give back. I support many different causes from the world water crisis to disaster relief. My father struggles with Type 2 diabetes so you’ll always find me doing everything I can to help that community live longer healthier lives through good nutrition and healthy habits.

I hope you enjoyed a snippet or two about me. If you’d like to learn more or have a question in general, don’t hesitate to click on the “contact” tab and drop me a line!







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