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More Than Just On-Stage Speaking

More Than Just On-Stage Speaking

Every event is special. You need an Emcee who will set the mood of the night for your audience, engage the crowd, and display impeccable public speaking skills and a unique ability to make each each and every person involved special.

Experience and Results

Experience and Results

A great Emcee does a lot more than read a script. Having an emcee that puts just as many hours as your team does into researching, learning proper name pronunciations and getting dressed up for the big night is crucial.

A Team Player

A Team Player

Self-Absorbed Emcees are a dime a dozen. Hire a humble and selfless Emcee that takes the time to get to know the your people, the staff, and provides a support system for everyone involved and creates a cohesive and family-oriented atmosphere.

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Have a Successful Event (That's What We All Want Isn't It?)

Tim is the best pageant emcee I’ve ever worked with! He takes the time to get to know the girls, the staff, and the area in which he’s working. It’s amazing the support system he can create in just a few days with the contestants! Behind the scenes and on stage he’s awesome!

- Lauren Vizza

News Anchor/Miss Louisiana USA 2017 /Miss Louisiana 2012

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Tim Tialdo

Why Hire Tim Tialdo?

Making your event a memorable one that people anticipate coming to is essential. It creates energy, excitement, loyalty and ticket sales. And that all starts with the person who is piloting your entire production, the emcee. Someone who can speak and read a script simply isn’t enough these days. You need someone who makes your contestants feel special and valued and who doesn’t just speak to your audience, but gets them involved in the production and gets them excited!

When you hire Tim Tialdo, you’ll get guidance and expertise on the overall production, the flow of the rundown, music recommendations to create the right energy and most importantly he’ll interact with and get to know the contestants to understand what makes them feel special. If you hire someone who doesn’t put this kind of time energy and devotion into both the production and relationship building, you’re leaving much to be desired by everyone involved. Get the above and beyond experience by bringing in the right emcee to make your event Spectacular.

Why Hire Tim Tialdo?
Tim Tialdo

Voted Pageant Planet's Best Pageant Emcee of 2018

Pageant Planet's Best Pageant Emcee

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